The Brand

The Brand

BLOCK-1EMOTION IS INNOVATION The public welcomed the first Alfa Romeo car with great acclaim, smitten with its performance. A success that was to stand the test of time: for automotive enthusiasts throughout the world, Alfa Romeo badge is now, more than ever, a symbol of endless innovation and pure driving pleasure.

EMOTION IS PASSION In the 30’s, P2’s legendary victories projected Alfa Romeo into the Olympus of car manufacturers. Today, like yesterday, Alfa Romeo vehicles are conceived in order to achieve the best technical performance and maximize driver’s sensations: we don’t make cars, we create automobiles.

EMOTION IS BEAUTY Alfa Romeo personality connects different eras and models: from the iconic 6C 2500 “Freccia d’Oro” to the most contemporary ones. An eternal kind of beauty, not in vogue with temporary fashions, always able to amaze every eye andtouch every heart. In every Alfa Romeo, the powerful is beautiful and beautiful is powerful.

EMOTION IS USABILITY In 1954, Alfa Romeo Giulietta demonstrated that good design and comfort could perfectly live together and be experienced by everyone. The same customer-focused vision can be recognized today in our smart, sensitive and driver-centered solutions.


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