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The Alfa Romeo Tonale concept car wins the “Car Design Award 2019”

  • The coveted international “car design” award has been assigned, in the Concept Car category, to Alfa Romeo’s first plug-in hybrid compact SUV.
  • In the alluring Tonale concept car, the distinctive features of Italian style are projected into the future, striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and anticipation of new precepts.
  • The award ceremony was held today on occasion of the opening of Parco Valentino 2019.

The presentation ceremony for the “Car Design Award” organised by Auto&Design magazine, was held today, on the first day of Parco Valentino 2019. Founded in 1984, the prestige international competition is subdivided into three categories – “Production Cars”, “Concept Cars” and “Brand Design Language” – and victory this year went to the alluring Alfa Romeo Tonale in the “Concept car” section.

Klaus Busse, Head of FCA Design EMEA, stated: “We are honoured to receive this coveted award for the design of the Tonale which, like every Alfa Romeo, is inspired by the perfect combination of heritage, speed and beauty. In fact, it incorporates all the distinguishing features of quintessential Italian style and unique Alfa Romeo elements: impeccable sense of proportions, simplicity and superior surface quality finish, for an innovative design that is faithful to a universally appreciated tradition.”

In particular, the concept car embodies all Alfa Romeo’s trademark language of beauty: it is a compact SUV for urban use with a sporty personality. In its design, the distinctive features of Italian style are projected into the future, striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and anticipation of new precepts. In keeping with the Alfa Romeo manifesto, every detail is designed around the driver, with driving pleasure delivered through ergonomics, use of premium materials and, above all, unrivalled dynamic handling. Furthermore, the Tonale concept car is the Alfa Romeo take on electrification. State-of-the-art technology and proverbial driving dynamics meet to grasp new opportunities and provide tangible answers to fresh challenges.

The design of Tonale is projected into the future. Its compact dimensions enclose the uniqueness of Italian design and of the typical original and modern style of Alfa Romeo in a combination which captures the essence of Italian art through the timeless experience of craftsmanship. Tonale is inspired by the beauty and nuances of the human form, as well as the movement of light which that recalls pure lines and volumes. Several celebrated style elements are picked up in its design to become a tangible manifestation of the brand’s history in a performance which elicits a modern approach to new Alfa Romeo anatomy. The personality of Tonale is enhanced by exclusive details made of Alcantara. The material is synonymous with contemporary lifestyle. Entirely made in Italy and carbon-neutral, it offers the perfect combination of feel, looks and technical qualities. The plain dark anthracite grey roof conveys a cockpit-effect to the interiors, exploiting the adherence, wear-resistance in extreme conditions and breathability that make it a must on high-performing cars, while the floor is lined with grey melange Alcantara displaying an innovative finish.
The “teledial” wheel, for instance, is an element which hints to the traditional DNA of Alfa Romeo. The design of 21-inch rim of Tonale invokes the concept of a rotary telephone dial through a light architectural structure for a clear, high-impact interpretation of the circular theme. This style choice dates back to the 1960s, when it was sported by the iconic 33 Stradale. The distinctive design of the wheels of Tonale is further enhanced by the absolute harmony with an exclusive configuration of Pirelli tyres. On the side, the full and elegant volumes typical of cars of only apparently distant generation and type wink to qualities reminiscent of the fascinating pure forms of the Duetto or the Disco Volante Spider, while the “Linea GT” of Tonale reinterprets the pouncing stance and feeling of safety conveyed by the award-winning GT junior. The front end displays the trademark trefoil and the distinctive Alfa Romeo shield acts as a bold focus point setting the tone for the speed and fluidity that pervade Tonale. Completing the design of the front end and accompanying this iconic element are “3 plus 3” light clusters which evoke the proud look of SZ and Brera. The rear of Tonale is embellished and softened by an enveloping rear window completed on the top by a suspended wing that exalts continuity with the clear sunroof. As for every Alfa Romeo, design is characterised by a distinctive touch. The rear light clusters are more like a graphic sign than an optical lighting element, a sort of signature created directly by the hand of an artist.

The interior design of Tonale draws inspiration from the racing history of Alfa Romeo, evoking passion and brilliant driveability in a play of dynamic and powerful shapes. The cockpit of Tonale is boldly designed around driver but also to accommodate passengers in comfort. The style is a balance of harmony and tension conveying the feeling that the entire car is about to pounce. The strong emotions transmitted by the interiors of Tonale are amplified by the contrast of premium materials, such as cool solidity of aluminium that meets the warm softness of leather and Alcantara. Inside, there are translucent panels and a backlit central tunnel. The DNA mode selector, one of the key elements of Alfa Romeo, is perfectly at ease on the tunnel. The interiors of Tonale offer an inclusive experience with details commonly reserved for exclusive trim levels. The passenger compartment is immersive, cosy and equipped with the characteristics of dynamism appreciated motorising enthusiasts.
Turin, 19 May 2019

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