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Alfa Romeo Racing and Antonio Giovinazzi remain together in Formula 1

As part of the presentation of the new MY2020 Giulia and Stelvio cars, against the splendid backdrop of Valle d’Itria in Apulia, Alfa Romeo is pleased to report that Antonio Giovinazzi will extend his Formula 1 contract with the Alfa Romeo Racing team. The Italian driver will be flying the Alfa Romeo colors in the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship, racing once again alongside world champion Kimi Räikkönen.

The team’s announcement coinciding with today’s location and event was not coincidental: indeed Alfa Romeo decided to present the most important new products of the year in the birthplace of Antonio Giovinazzi to further consolidate the connection that continues to bind the Alfa Romeo brand and Sauber Motorsport. This technical partnership has led to the development of the limited edition special series Alfa Romeo Racing Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, the ultimate expressions of the highest performing versions in the range, which both sold out almost immediately.

The new MY2020 Giulia and Stelvio are fruit of the further developments in technology and style applied to two models recognized as benchmarks in terms of dynamics and driving pleasure in their respective categories.

Antonio Giovinazzi therefore continues his career in the premier motorsports category after the current season, when he has been the first Italian for eight years to enjoy a permanent place on the starting-grid at the wheel of a Formula car. In his first year as an official driver, young Giovinazzi has made a vital contribution to the progress of the Alfa Romeo Racing team, which is continuing to achieve impressive growth, gradually improving its performances compared to the previous seasons.
As well as being impressive, Antonio progress and performances have also been consistent, a very important factor in Formula 1. The team has always given him its utmost support with great determination, confident that this champion’s talent will ensure him a career rich in amazing achievements. For Alfa Romeo, watching him improve constantly, setting more and more ambitious targets for himself, is not only a mission but also a source of great pride.

Quite fittingly so, since the bond between Italian drivers and Alfa Romeo Formula 1 cars has gone down in history: this was the brand that won the very first Formula 1 championship in 1950, with Nino Farina driving an Alfa Romeo Gran Premio Tipo 158 “Alfetta”.
By renewing Giovinazzi’s contract, Alfa Romeo Racing consolidates its team for 2020 and will be able to keep focusing all its efforts on performances.

Mike Manley, CEO of FCA:
“We are particularly excited to announceabout the renewal of Antonio Giovinazzi’s contract with Alfa Romeo Racing during this important occasion for Alfa Romeo. The enthusiastic response from spectators and the improvement in the results on track have confirmed that the Alfa Romeo Racing team is on the right road, a fine ambassador for the tradition of European technical excellence and Italian style. Following Antonio’s contract extension with the team, we expect to continue making progress, both technically and on track, and add to Alfa Romeo’s long and glorious history in Formula 1.”

Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal of Alfa Romeo Racing and CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG:
“Antonio has done really well this year and I am extremely pleased to be able to confirm he will stay with Alfa Romeo Racing for 2020. The way he has integrated into the team and has consistently improved throughout his first full season in the sport are very promising and we cannot wait to unlock his full potential as we continue this journey together. Antonio has emerged as a very quick driver, even alongside as tough a benchmark as Kimi, and we expect him to develop even further as his experience grows. His technical feedback, work ethics and positive approach will help us continue to push our team forward.”

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