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Alfa Romeo Giulia triumphs at the “Driver Power Awards 2019” in Great Britain

  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia wins the Gold Medal for “Ride and Handling”, values intrinsic to the DNA of the Italian brand, which transforms every journey into an exciting driving experience.
  • Follow this link to the new section of the Alfa Romeo Press website listing all international awards won from 2016 to the present.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was a winner again at the prestige Auto Express “Driver Power Awards”, receiving the gold metal in the “Ride and Handling” category. The famous dynamic qualities of the Italian brand, which turn every journey into a thrilling experience always at the service of onboard comfort and safety, proved invincible yet again. As well as being a manifesto of the “Meccanica delle emozioni” concept, the first model in the brand’s new generation encapsulates the authentic Alfa Romeo spirit, incorporating the five ingredients that make it one of the world’s most desirable brands on the automotive stage: distinctly Italian styling; innovative, state-of-the-art engines; impeccable weight distribution; unique technical solutions; and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

Driver Power is the United Kingdom’s broadest and fullest customer satisfaction survey, using data collected from thousands of owners, covering everything from reliability to performance and convenience. The Driver Power survey, conducted for the seventeenth time this year, is a credible, real representation of new car owners’ opinions.

Auto Express Editor-in-Chief Steve Fowler commented: “The Driver Power results could not be clearer: owners adore their Alfa Romeo Giulia cars. A score of 93% in the overall ranking is very impressive, and the Giulia’s first place in the “Ride and handling” category confirms our road-testers’ findings: the Giulia is a real dream to drive. Bearing in mind its high scores in the engine and safety categories, not to mention an incredible result with regard to style, obviously Alfa Romeo’s decision to build a classical rear-wheel-drive sports sedan has proved extremely popular.”

Andrew Tracey, Alfa Romeo UK marketing director, said: “The Auto Express Driver Power Awards are a reflection on what it’s like to truly own a new car.  The results from this year’s awards show that the Alfa Romeo Giulia remains one of the best new cars to own, and the fact that this is based on the feedback from actual customers makes this extremely reliable and trustworthy.”

Turin, 18 April 2019


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