The SUV designed
to Engage the senses


–  More than an average SUV

Beyond the limits of its category, Stelvio mantains a strong Alfa Romeo identity and a pure sense of its legendary Italian heritage. It takes only a glance to recognise the unmistakable front trilobe, the marked hollow lines, and the muscled rear fender; all balanced with an ideal sense of perfect proportion and harmonious surfaces.


– Genuinely driver-centric
Stelvio’s interior represents a ground-breaking shift in the world of SUVs, with its unprecedented high, yet sporty, driving position, conceived to dominate the road. The interior is clean and minimalist: every detail is conceived to intensify your experience at the wheel, where nothing is superfluous or over-designed. With Stelvio, Alfa Romeo changes the paradigms of the SUV category, combining roominess, ergonomic comfort and unparalleled style.

Unmistakable Italian design
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Perfect weight distribution
Alfa™ Link suspension

The SUV according to Alfa Romeo
Level 2 Autonomous Driving
Optimal balance, for uncompromising driving dynamics
Greater precision, maximum comfort

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