–  More than an average SUV

Beyond the limits of its category, Stelvio mantains a strong Alfa Romeo identity and a pure sense of its legendary Italian heritage. It takes only a glance to recognise the unmistakable front trilobe, the marked hollow lines, and the muscled rear fender; all balanced with an ideal sense of perfect proportion and harmonious surfaces.


– Genuinely driver-centric
Stelvio’s interior represents a ground-breaking shift in the world of SUVs, with its unprecedented high, yet sporty, driving position, conceived to dominate the road. The interior is clean and minimalist: every detail is conceived to intensify your experience at the wheel, where nothing is superfluous or over-designed. With Stelvio, Alfa Romeo changes the paradigms of the SUV category, combining roominess, ergonomic comfort and unparalleled style.


– Emotion lies in unique details

Alfa Romeo has selected only the most precious interior elements for Stelvio, bringing together hi-tech elements and superior quality components. The essential design of the dashboard is elegantly framed with real materials, such as real wood veneer or aluminium. The sports leather steering wheel is enriched with the integrated Start button. The seats are wrapped in innovative technical cloths and full-grain Pieno Fiore Leather.


– More room for your senses
While designing Stelvio, Alfa Romeo re-imagined the driving position: it’s high to dominate the road as other SUVs, but at the same time it has been conceived to deliver a sporty feeling at the wheel. Onboard Stelvio, the Alfa Romeo driving pleasure is shared with all passengers. The architecture of the interior is simple yet functional, designed to host three rear passengers in complete comfort, with easy access to the seats and more room for knees and legs. The load space, featuring power tailgate system, boasts 525 litres of capacity, with the versatility of transforming the rear seats into additional luggage.

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