Alfa Romeo Mito


Derived from racing experience, Alfa D.N.A. is the exclusive Alfa Romeo driving selector which, by acting on engine, brakes, steering, gearbox, suspension and accelerator, perfectly adapts the vehicle’s performance to suit the driver’s style and the road conditions.

• In sporty Dynamic mode, the electronic traction control systems  cut in more discreetly, the engine and brakes are more prompt and reactive while the steering is more direct and sporty.

• When the selector is moved to Natural urban position, the setting is more neutral and fuel consumption is optimised.

When road surface grip is limited, All Weather mode may be selected. This has been designed to make all the electronic safety devices cut in at an earlier stage.


Alfa Twin Clutch Transmission is the innovative twin dry clutch automatic transmission, consisting of two gearboxes in parallel that allow the next gear to engage while the previous one is still engaged. The Alfa TCT guarantees driving comfort and a sporty feel.

Driving satisfaction

Fast gear shifting in both automatic and sequential mode, with steering wheel paddles too.


Traction is progressive and continuous at all times, without the typical loss of torque associated with traditional automatic or manual gearboxes.


Consumption and emissions are lower compared to the same fuel supply with manual gearbox.



Blue&Me™ is compatible with most mobile phones on the market with Bluetooth and can be updated to conform to new standards and phones. To find out about Blue&Me, its functions and its compatibility, go to the Blue&Me site It contains user support information, software updates and an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

Uconnect5’’ Radio Nav

You want to connect to your music and have everything under control. That’s why MiTo offers you Uconnect, the built-in system that combines a top-quality sound system with a raft of multimedia services and functions. And you can operate it at the touch of a finger or simply your voice, thanks to the 5″ colour touchscreen and voice recognition. In addition to the Uconnect 5” Radio functions, with Uconnect 5” Radio Nav, you can access state-of-the-art navigation technology:

• Built-in navigation developed in conjunction with TomTom® for simple and intuitive navigation that is made even easier by a touchscreen and voice recognition.

• It uses traffic message channel (TMC) information for real-time updates on slow-moving traffic and delays.

• The “Advanced Lane Guidance” system helps you to breeze through even the most complex junctions.

• It provides warning of fixed speed cameras, the position of average speed cameras and fixed cameras.

• Thanks to the IQ Routes® system, it calculates the best route on the basis of real, measured average speeds.

Bose Sound System

The Bose Sound System is able to guarantee exceptional listening quality to all passengers under all driving conditions. 

The Hi-Fi system has a power output of more than 500 watts and offers an acoustic system made up of the main speakers in addition to a subwoofer with 8 channel digital amplifier for bass notes that are always deep and involving and a central speaker in the dashboard for wrap-around nuanced sound.

Whether you are listening to a guitar riff or a full orchestra, the Bose® Sound System  offers the same emotions you feel when listening to a live concert. Realistic reproduction, crystal-clear high notes, full and rich bass notes, allow the sound to wrap around all occupants, giving the sensation of passing through a much larger environment because the audio system is designed specially for the passenger compartment. To make the sensory experience even more unique, an integrated signal processor automatically adjusts the bass notes to ensure they are perfect at any volume, while an active equalisation circuit guarantees optimum automatic electronic balancing of the output at all frequencies, great balance and clarity of tone throughout the audio range, eliminating unpleasant distortion even in passages where the volume is higher or in high dynamic tracks.


Agility, driving precision, comfort
Thanks to MacPherson front suspension and rear torsion beam with semi-independent wheels. Two solutions with tried-and-tested performance which, in a compact like MiTo, guarantee boundless fun and maximum safety.

Alfa Adaptive Suspension
Standard on high-performance engines, like the 135 and 170 HP MultiAir Turbo Petrols and the 120 HP diesel JTDm. It adopts variable-response shock absorbers. Thanks to the by-pass valve, they improve comfort in response to stresses, maintaining the vehicle’s excellent dynamic control.

Alfa Active Suspension
Available on the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde. This is the electronic shock absorber control system that actively and continuously changes the chassis response depending on road conditions and the driver’s needs. It interfaces with Alfa D.N.A. and the other on-board electronic devices.


• 7 airbags
• SBR (Seat Belt Reminder) technology
• Anti-whiplash device on seats
• Dual pretensions on the front seat belts
• Collapsible steering wheel
• LED taillights to improve vehicle visibility

Braking system
The Alfa Romeo MiTo hydraulic, power-assisted braking system comprises two crossover, independent circuits and has proven to be particularly effective to allow quick and progressive braking, with shorter stopping distances.

ABS with EBD
In addition to a braking system affording excellent performance levels, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is equipped with the ABS anti-lock braking system, one of the most sophisticated currently available. The ABS incorporates EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), which distributes the braking action over four wheels, in order to stop the wheels locking and ensuring complete vehicle control in all conditions.

Electronic Q2
The Alfa Romeo MiTo is fitted with the new Electronic Q2 system which by reproducing the effect of a self-locking differential, guarantees excellent cornering behaviour thus making the car safer and more enjoyable during a sporty drive or in poor road grip conditions.

VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control)
Alfa Romeo’s interpretation of ESP (Electronic Stability Program), it is a system that intervenes in conditions approaching the limit, when vehicle stability is at risk, and assists the driver in controlling the car.

A sporty device, in the spirit of all true Alfa Romeo cars, featuring excellent road holding qualities, the VDC grants the driver total freedom to master the vehicle in normal conditions and only intervenes immediately prior to the situation becoming critical.

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation)
ASR (Anti Slip Regulation): integral part of the VDC and it optimises traction at any speed with the help of the brakes and engine control.

HBA and Hill-holder
The Alfa Romeo MiTo range is completed by the HBA system, the hydraulic brake assistance device that automatically increases brake circuit pressure under emergency braking situations. And the Hill-holder system which, for a hill start, maintains the braking action for a few seconds after the brake has been released, thus facilitating setting off and avoiding the car moving backwards.

MSR is a system to prevent the engine locking during over-run that gradually adapts engine braking action to the driving situation.

CBC (Cornering Brake Control)
The CBC (Cornering Brake Control) system is activated when the car goes round a bend while braking. In this case, the braking pressure is discharged individually onto each wheel in order to maintain vehicle stability, minimising any understeering or oversteering.

DST (Dynamic Steering Torque)
This function integrates the electric steering into the operation of VDC. This active electronic steering system improves both driving safety and handling performance.

In all driving conditions, the electronic steering suggests the correct manoeuvres for the driver to perform, allowing excellent grip performance and providing a great sense of safety.


MiTo and the environment

High performances, low maintenance costs and low emissions. All thanks to top-class engines and electronic devices of ultimate generation. All power sources have top excellence engines:

  • Gasoline, with the revolutionary MultiAir engine which, while achieving high power values, ensures a reduction of up to 10% of emissions and fuel consumption than conventional engines, and with the new TwinAir Turbo with 105 hp Euro 6, extremely versatile and allowing to choose between brilliant performance or reduced emissions, depending on the style of driving;
  • Diesel, with the engine 1.3 JTDM 85 bhp, the best in terms of power / fuel: an engine that can reach a maximum torque of 200 Nm at 1500 rev / min, with a maintenance service that reaches even the 35,000 km; it stands out as one of the “greenest” engines among diesel competitors, with less than 90 g of CO2 emissions per km;
  • LPG, the only Turbo engine of the category with 120 hp of real power; an agile, reliable, gritty bi-fuel engine installed and guaranteed by Alfa Romeo that dramatically reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide and carbon, and offers more than 1,200 km of total autonomy (petrol and LPG).


In addition, all engines in the range adopt electronic systems that contribute to reducing fuel consumption and emissions:

  • Start & Stop system: the system that manages the shutdown and automatic restart of the car in urban traffic stops;
  • Gear Shift Indicator: The device that suggests when to shift into gear, optimizing engine efficiency and reducing consumption;
  • D.N.A.: the system that allows you to choose the most efficient setup guide for your driving style and road conditions.

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