Emotions are the difference
between creating and making


Alfa Romeo stirs the emotions with its rich history and captivating mix of state-of-the-art technology, race–inspired performance and seductive styling. Born in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo has always sought the perfect balance of these elements, to fashion form on substance, without it becoming mere function. The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia provokes the senses and is quintessentially Italian and unmistakably Alfa Romeo.



Paramount for the driving pleasure of the all-new Giulia Quadrifoglio is a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, providing the driver with the ultimate balance of power and control.
This impressive weight distribution is obtained by clever weight management and the use of class exclusive technical materials, including carbon fiber, which is three times stronger and seven times lighter than steel. Carbon Fiber has been used throughout the design of the vehicle, including the driveshaft, hood, roof and the front seat frames. Aluminum is used extensively for other body parts and key mechanical components, including the engine and suspension.
Carbon ceramic brakes provide the Giulia Quadrifoglio with exceptional braking performance under all conditions, while reducing the overall weight.

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